Natural Sleep Aids: Your Ultimate Guide to Herbal and Natural Help for Sleeping

January 17th, 2013

Not only one, but most people experience sleep disturbances thereby requiring the help of a sleep aid. Any age group experience such problem and can lead to serious health problems. People who have problems with sleeping report frequent illnesses, crankiness, accidents, depression, and difficulty concentrating on work and school. Some people may not have problems with sleeping but others have severe difficulty that this even affects their mood and interaction with other people. If you are one of those who have trouble sleeping at night but would like to try natural sleeping pills, read this article further.

Causes of Sleep Disturbances

Somnipathy or sleep disorder is recognized as a medical problem involving the sleeping patterns of an animal or a human being. In order for a sleep problem to be determined, a diagnostic test called polysomnography is done. There are many issues that lead to sleep disorders. Some of the factors and causes for sleep problems are enlisted below:

  • Insomnia. This is the chronic difficulty of trying to fall asleep or sustain sleep but there is no definitive cause.
  • Hypopnea Syndrome. Involves decreased respiratory rate or shallow, abnormal breathing while sleeping
  • Cataplexy. This is the sudden motor muscle weakness resulting to a collapse
  • Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder. Dramatic or violent dreams acted out while in rapid eye movement
  • Sleep Apnea. Happens with the airway obstruction while sleeping that causes disturbance in achieving deep sleep. This is often accompanied by snoring wherein the air does not enter the lungs and the person unconsciously gasps air where it disturbs sleep.

Kinds of Natural Sleep Aid

Sleeping is the gift imparted to the human body in order to revive the body and enhance its energy. This is also important to the daily life cycle since any sleep disturbance can lead to harmful consequences of the natural functioning. Prescribed medicines to enhance the quality of sleep are given to patients but may have harmful effects with long-term use. Nonetheless, there are natural methods that can help a person achieve the best sleep, which are the following:

  • Valerian. This is an herb known to lessen the time you need in falling asleep. This also increases the sleep duration but is reported to generate the mild headaches and grogginess following use. Valerian use is not reported to have any side effects but only prolonged and pleasant sleep.
  • Melatonin. Nowadays, this supplement has been very popular in the market due to its efficiency to increase sleep duration and decrease the time for falling asleep. Melatonin is naturally produced in the body and responsible for the maintenance of sleep cycle. This also lessens the symptoms of sleep disorders. Nonetheless, the average dosage of melatonin is only a maximum of 3 months.
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan. Another version derived from tryptophan that is known to induce sleep and lessen depression.

It is important that you verify the effectiveness and quality of any sleeping pills you are using since the side effects may not be tolerated by the body. It is still advised for any person to consult the physician before taking any sleeping aid medication.

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What Causes Acid Reflux?

November 4th, 2012

Acid reflux is also known as heartburn and although it has the word heart in it, it really has nothing to do with the heart. This is because acid reflux is a stomach abnormality that people may feel from time to time.

Acid reflux or heart burn occurs when the upper portion of the stomach and moves above the diaphragm. When this happens, the muscle then separates the stomach from the chest thereby people would feel shortness of breath or feel symptoms which can be related to heart attack.

To know more about the causes of acid reflux, here is a list of things to bear in mind:

  • Acid reflux happens or affect people when the acidic contents of their stomach pass up into the esophagus, and then the sphincter muscle is found to be defective hence it is definitely unable to block the acid. The moment the sphincter muscle happens to have low pressure, people would then feel the acid reflux or the heartburn.
  • Pregnancy is also a known cause where women sometimes suffer from acid reflux. This is because when the progestin hormones are elevated, it causes the sphincter go down and the moment the pregnant woman would already feel the pressure in her tummy because of the fact that her tummy is growing, this would sometimes result to heart burn or acid reflux. This is why most women are having a hard time dealing with the said issue.
  • Obesity is also a known cause of acid reflux. Obesity is known to increase the pressure in the stomach thereby causing people to suffer from acid reflux. This is the reason why acid reflux is quite common to people who are a bit overweight or fat.
  • Poor lifestyle is also one of the suspected causes of acid reflux. This is why to those who are suffering from acid reflux, then it is important to make sure that people consider changing their lifestyle such as getting rid of their vices so they would not have to suffer from heart burn or acid reflux.
  • Gastroparesis is also one of the causes of acid reflux. This happens when the stomach is taking a long time to get rid of its contents. This would result in the production of acid and people would feel the pain and sometimes mistake it to heart attack when in fact it is just a heart burn.

These are the known causes of acid reflux. Acid reflux can be treated as long as people would know its different causes.

It is also important that people should know how to differentiate it from heart attack because some of its symptoms are also the known symptoms of acid reflux.

In case people seem to find out that they are suffering from the symptoms of heart burn, then it is definitely safe to consult a doctor to be able to make sure that people would know how to go about it and what steps to take in order to alleviate the pain that they are felling.

Read more about acid reflux at:

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The Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

November 1st, 2012

Irritable bowel syndrome or commonly referred to as IBS usually happens when a person feels chronic or recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort when moving bowels. IBS is a disorder of bowel function and people should not consider it as something life threatening.

There are a lot of causes associated with irritable bowel syndrome and to those who wish to find out about what it is, here are some things to think about:

  • The truth of the matter is, there is really no known cause for IBS. The symptoms usually occur when the walls of the intestines would be line to layers of muscle that contract and at the same time relaxes in a rhythm when the food would move from the tummy up until the rectum. When a person suffers from IBS such person would usually feel abdominal pain or stomach contractions.
  • Bacterial infection is also associated to be one of the suspected causes of IBS. The infection occurs in the intestines thereby people would usually feel the abdominal pain or tummy contractions. To those people who have suffered from gastroenteritis, and then they are more likely to suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • In a study conducted recently, it is also said that mild celiac disease would have similar symptoms to IBS which is why it is important for people to find out if they have IBS or the latter. People with celiac disease cannot digest gluten which is an ingredient usually found wheat, rye, as well as barley. To those who have celiac disease, they might want to find out about what symptoms they have because it might be IBS.
  • Hormones may also trigger IBS or irritable bowel syndrome which means that women are most likely to suffer from such disorder. Based on research, women who take hormone enhancement usually suffer from IBS so it is important to avoid taking hormones so as not to trigger or aggravate IBS.
  • Stress is also a known trigger so it is advised that people unwind from time to time. A lot of people these days no longer have time or no longer find time to de-stress such as going on a vacation because it is either expensive or that people are just busy with their lives. Since stress is also one trigger of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, then it is important that people find ways on how they could battle stress so they would not have to worry about IBS.

IBS is known as a functional gastrointestinal disorder due to the fact that it does not cause any abnormality or visible inflammation when people get tested which is why it is important that people should know about their symptoms, known causes and triggers to avoid from experiencing it.

The best way to deal with IBS is to consult and expert because they definitely know how to go about such disorder. Make sure to visit a physician to find out more about what causes IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and how to deal with it.

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The Implications of Having Hemorrhoids

October 28th, 2012

Hemorrhoids are those dilated or bulging veins found in the rectum which is due to the increased pressure found in veins in the rectal area. Hemorrhoids would usually be accompanied by the bleeding of the blood vessels which can sometimes feel very painful.

This is why people who suffer from such make sure that they find a way on how to go about it.

To those people who do not take their hemorrhoids seriously, here are some of the implications associated with it:

  • When a person is suffering hemorrhoids, if the pain they feel is persistent and it comes with some sort of pressure it definitely weakens the tissues which support the veins in the anal canal. The moment these tissues become so weak the tissues would no longer hold the veins in place thereby causing it to swell and at the same time bulge into the anal canal which is known as internal hemorrhoid or it may also appear under the skin surrounding the anal opening which is referred to as external hemorrhoids.
  • In case of pregnancy, women must be prepared because when the pregnant woman would go on labor, the hemorrhoids would definitely become a lot worse due to the intense straining and pressure which would be felt on the anal area. This happens when the pregnant mother tries to push hard in order to deliver the baby.
  • Another feeling that people who suffer from hemorrhoids would definitely feel that there is always something hanging out there. It would definitely feel a lot weird due to the fact that it sometimes rubs off the skin or the underwear. There are also times that because of too much bleeding, there might be stains on the trousers and this is definitely something that could affect a person’s confidence.
  • Worst case scenario would be the fact that the hemorrhoid would bulge out the anus and might swell so it would definitely come with excruciating pain. This is because the muscles that control the opening as well as the closing of the anus might cut the blood supply of the hemorrhoids. When the tissues in the hemorrhoid die, this is when the person suffering from hemorrhoids would feel severe rectal pain. When this happens, there would be excessive bleeding and the only thing that needs to be done is going to the hospital and undergo a surgery to ensure that people would no longer have problems about the complications that may be brought about due to irritation.

Hemorrhoids should not be taken for granted because it might get worse and it also comes with unbearable pain.

To those people who are working, this might be a bit of a problem because they definitely would not be able to focus on their work and all they would think of is taking pain killers to help alleviate the pain.

Be sure to learn more on how to treat the hemorrhoids by consulting a doctor so people would know how to deal with it easily. He can suggest you herbal supplements if needed.

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Colon Cleanse Do’s and Don’ts

October 23rd, 2012

Colon cleansing is something that is gaining popularity these days because of the many benefits that it offers. If colon cleansing offers a lot of benefits, it also poses some disadvantages which is why up until today, there is a battle with regard to colon cleansing.

Many medical professionals wish to promote colon cleansing but there are also other medical experts who strongly oppose the same.

To know more about the dos and don’ts of colon cleansing, here are some things that people need to know of:

  • To those who wish to undergo colon cleansing, people need to bear in mind that this is not a one tome procedure that the moment people are done with their first session, that they no longer have to undergo such treatment anymore. It is important that people would not think that toxins as well as some other unwanted wastes would no longer be trapped in the colon. The moment people would eat, there is a possibility that there would be toxin build ups that might clog the colon or the intestines.
  • Make sure to try undergoing a cleansing therapy since this would make the process a lot more effective. There are some therapies that might require several techniques that need to be followed up to be able to get the best benefits that colon cleansing offers.
  • It is also important that people would check the ingredients that are used in the process so as to make sure that people would know and feel the effects of colon cleansing. Just because it is expensive doesn’t meant that it’s more effective than others. Be responsible enough to check its contents and compare it to other leading brands and system of therapies.
  • People should not also think that colon cleansing works like magic and that after the process, people would be able to feel the benefits that it offers. This is because colon cleansing is a continuous process. This is something that most people do not know of. A lot of people think that this happens wherein after undergoing colon cleansing people would just have to sit and relax and just wait for it to work like magic. To make sure that people would have a very desirable or effective outcome, what people need to do is to make sure that they help their bodies by way of living a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced meal and avoid vices that might clog the colon.

With these dos and don’ts, people would now know what they have to learn about colon cleansing. It is also important that people would seek the advice of a medical professional to make sure that they would be able to know what they are up to.

Colon cleansing is the start of living a healthy lifestyle but people need to take it seriously if they really wish to feel the amazing benefits that it offers. Consult a doctor and find out what they have to say about the benefits that colon cleansing offers to its users.

You may use supplement for your colon cleansing process, visit this website to see top rated colon cleansing products available on the market.

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The Myths About Acid Reflux

October 13th, 2012

Acid reflux affects a lot of people. It does not choose between age, gender or social status. If the conditions are right, acid reflux can happen to anybody. This is the main reason why it is really a good idea for people to learn more about acid reflux.

This way, the are better equipped to avoid getting acid reflux as well as ensure that they know what to do in case they have to deal with it. One of their first things that people need to do regarding acid reflux is to familiarize themselves with the many myths that surround it.

Knowing these myths may enable them to make better decisions on how to deal with acid reflux in case it happens to them.

All kinds of protein should be avoided

Whenever acid reflux is discussed, this myth comes up most of the time. Almost everybody gives this advice readily even if they have no personal experience regarding acid reflux.

People always tell others that in order to avoid getting acid reflux, they need to avoid eating protein. Many people think that protein is like a magic substance that generates acid reflux right away. Nothing can be further from the truth.

While it may be true that certain proteins can cause acid reflux, it does not mean that all kinds of protein automatically results to acid reflux. In actuality, only meat proteins can cause acid reflux.

This is because it digests faster than other protein sources like nuts and vegetables. Under the right conditions, meat proteins can cause acid reflux.

Coffee is bad for acid reflux

Acid reflux is caused when the stomach over produces acid. Usually this happens when the stomach does not know how much acid to produce in order to digest. Having a bad and unhealthy diet can lead to this situation.

Many people claim that coffee should be avoided because it forces the stomach to overproduce acid. This is not the case at all. In actuality, caffeine and natural coffee does not automatically trigger acid reflux.

It is the other substance that comes with the coffee. If the coffee a lot of whipped cream, chocolate milk or any other substance, it can be a cause for acid reflux.

Mints help deal with the symptoms

When acid reflux occurs a person may have a sour taste in their mouth. This is due to the acid making its way to the tongue. Because of this, people are compelled to eat something in order to combat the sourness.

They would often eat a mint candy in order to address the symptoms. Unfortunately, mints may help with the taste but in actuality it just makes the acid reflux worse. Most experts say that it is better to go with licorice than other candy. Licorice sticks help in digestion.

Acid reflux is a serious matter that should be discussed with medical experts. These doctors are best equipped to deal with the problem. By listening to their doctor, people will be able to address the issue in case one person in their families is suffering from chronic acid reflux.

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How to Avoid Irritable Bowel Syndrome

March 18th, 2012

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is commonly mistaken to ne a disease when in fact it is a result of symptoms that could lead to constipation, abdominal pains or cramps, diarrhea and too much gas.

IBS occur because the large intestines are not constant in terms of processing the food in the stomach. The thing is, most medical professionals are unsure why such things happen.

It is a good thing that medical professionals were able to manage some ways on how people would be able to avoid IBS or irritable bowel syndrome:

  • It is important to check what triggers IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Keeping a list of what triggers IBS would help people regarding what they need to avoid so as they would not suffer from IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome has many triggers and it usually varies from one person to another. It is important to avoid what triggers it because one thing that is not great about IBS is the fact that it is not constant. It is always safe to say that avoid the triggers so as not to suffer from its symptoms.
  • It is also suggested that people need to have a very healthy eating habit. It is time to start eating a balanced diet. Good eating habits promote regular bowel movements and to those who wish to avoid suffering from the annoying signs of IBS, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle since it would certainly help keep IBS away. Eating healthy means eating fruits and veggies so be sure not to overdo the fiber intake since it might trigger IBS.
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water or try eating or drinking foods that contain water. To those who are not used to drinking water, trying out water melons would help since it is one of the water rich fruits that people could take as a substitute for water. It is important to have enough fluid in the body because it helps the food move slowly so as not to upset the stomach which can cause IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Make sure to unwind and have time to relax and or go get a massage since these would help people de stress. Stress is also a main cause of irritable bowel syndrome so it is advised that people should learn how to avoid stress. Exercise, yoga, zumba, pilates and aerobics might help people get rid of stress or people may also start shopping as this is becoming the most popular stress reliever these days.

Knowing how to avoid IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is necessary so as people would no longer have to suffer from its symptoms.

Not all people are aware of what irritable bowel syndrome is so to those who do not know anything about it, it might help to make a research about it so as to make sure that people would know the things that they should avoid and the things that they should do in dealing with IBS.

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How to Treat Hemorrhoids

September 13th, 2011

Hemorrhoids is something that can bother a lot of people. This is because it can happen to anyone as long as the conditions are right. It can be both painful and uncomfortable at times. This is why everybody should familiarize themselves on how to treat hemorrhoids. This way, when it happens to them, they know what to do.

Here are some basic techniques on how to treat hemorrhoids.


For minor hemorrhoids, all one needs is time. Minor hemorrhoids heal in time. This is why, they really shouldn’t just aggravate their situation. This way, the minor hemorrhoid will disappear over time and will not get worse.


Dieting can also help deal with hemorrhoids. Usually, a hemorrhoid occurs when the person has a hard time moving his bowels. This is often caused by poor diet. A diet that is low in fiber as well as water intake leads to stools that are hard to pass through the bowels.

By eating fiber rich foods and drinking a lot of water, a person can be able get soft, solid stools that they have no trouble passing through their bowels. This in turn ensures that hemorrhoids do not get worse and eventually heal over time.


Creams are the most popular way to deal with hemorrhoids. These creams are specially formulated to deal with the pain, inflammation as well as the bulbous tissues that form outside the rectum.

These creams can shrink down the hemorrhoids to the point that everything is effectively dealt with. It can shrink and disappear inside the colon or wither away. Regular application of hemorrhoid cream results to the lack of pain, discomfort and hardships.


When the pain gets too much, some doctors prescribe painkillers to their patients in order to address the pain. There are also over the counter pain relievers but these would be limited to topical ointments and solutions as well as ibuprofen. If the pain that people would feel is really that unbearable, then what people can do is see a doctor and getting his advice would still be the best option.


In case the hemorrhoids are severe, then the option left for people to do is consult their doctor and ask about the best surgical procedure that would help get rid of the hemorrhoids.

The doctors would definitely know the best way to get rid of their problems so patients would be relieved of the pain due to the said problem.

These are the known treatments for hemorrhoids that people may wish to consider or take advantage of. Hemorrhoids can be very disturbing and people would feel uncomfortable because they would not be able to move bowel easily.

This could even sometimes result to bleeding which is why to those people who are looking into getting rid of their hemorrhoids, it is always best to know the different ways to treat it or consult a doctor to ensure that they would be able to address the said condition right away.

Check out some other steps on how to get rid of it fast.

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The Benefits of Colon Cleansing

February 5th, 2011

Cleansing the colon is important because it breaks down the toxic material so it would no longer harm the body. Debris that is not properly digested in the body would definitely weaken the colon and would also affect how it functions.

This is the reasons why many people wish to cleanse their colon with water since it helps breakdown the impacted as well as the dehydrated fecal, mucoid which then allows the improved removal of waste matter in the intestine.

To know more about the benefits of colon cleansing, here are some benefits to check out:

  • It is known to help reduce exhaustion. Based on some studies, they researchers were able to observe that more often, people tend to feel tired or exhausted when doing their daily activities. This may be because of the accumulation of several toxic substances in the system. By undergoing colon cleansing, people would feel energized to do things that they usually do without feeling lethargic.
  • Another known benefit that is associated with colon cleansing is the improvement of the immune system. Throughout the years, a lot of people have suffered from having low immune system because of the lifestyle that most people have. This is the reasons why most people get sick or are prone to getting sick due to their very poor immune system. By undergoing colon cleansing, people would be able to take advantage of overall detoxification to make sure that the entire system will better function better. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to try out colon cleansing to increase the immunity of the body.
  • To those who are a lot older, their system is no longer functioning well which is why old people are usually incapable of defending their bodies from diseases and illnesses. This is the reason why old people are encouraged to undergo colon cleansing so as to make sure that their organs would function properly.
  • Colon cleansing is also known to help keep the body refreshed. When the body is free from the harmful toxins that may cause diseases and illnesses, the body becomes a lot more refreshed thereby people would have more energy to face their daily challenges. If people do colon cleansing regularly, then they would surely have a healthier and a more energetic personality.
  • Finally, weight loss is also one of the main benefits of colon cleansing so to those people who wish to get rid of their excess fats or pounds, then all they need to do is just undergo colon cleansing and they would definitely shed off pounds in no time.

With the different benefits associated with colon cleansing, many people are more enticed and would want to try it out to check out if the benefits really work or not.

To those who are not yet convinced with how great colon cleansing is, then it is time that they do their own research or consult a doctor regarding the additional benefits that colon cleansing offers to people who wish to try it out.

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